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Adrian Capote Quintana

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Fullstack web developer
Cienfuegos, Cuba
Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer. Nodejs, PHP and Crypto Lover

Adrian Capote Quintana

About Me

Hello. My name is Adrian Capote Quintana. I am a Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer. I am a self-taught fullstack web developer. I am passionate about programming, improving myself and learning in each project I develop. I like teamwork, facing challenges that require improving my skills and having fun coding.


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I am a full-stack developer with experience in the use of various frameworks and technologies

  • VueJs ecosystem to develop SPA, PWA, SSR and SSG. vue

  • Laravel REST APIs Laravel

  • Typescript vue

  • TailwindsCSS Bootstrap

  • Ionic/Capacitor ionic

  • Version control git

  • Bootstrap Bootstrap

  • ReactJS react

  • React-Native react

  • Relational Databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL)

Work Experience

Godjango Dev

Project Description Role URL
Sherklock Tracking Tracking system Fullstack developer ---
E-Commerce Restaurant Restaurant custom e-commerce Fullstack developer ---

Servimav SRL

Project Description Role URL
Ally Personal Links Manager Fullstack developer ---
BACS Access Control System Backend Developer ---
Servimav Official website Servimav S.R.L Front-end developer Servimav
Wings Shop Mobile application to connect suppliers with clients Fullstack developer Wings
Café Guhamuaya Sitio web de PDL Ruta del Café Guhamuaya --- ---


Project Description Role URL
Rentas PalRey Room rentals in Cancun México Fullstack developer Rentas
Rentas Manager Room Rentals Manager Fullstack developer Manager
Map-Dist Map elements distribution Front end developer ---

PerlaTech SRL

Project Description Role URL
AndaSun Travel website and Mobile Application Backend developer Andasun


Project Description Role URL
Nuske Pet clinic management Consultant Nuske
24Link Mobile-only Drinkstore PWA/Android Frontend Developer 24Link
PGS Mobile-only PWA/Android Frontend Developer PGS
Image-Uploader Image manipulation service Laravel Developer -
Funticket Concerts ticket sales Fullstack Developer Funticket


(2014-2019) Bachelor in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering at Universidad Marta Abreu de las Villas