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Alberto Torres Reyes

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Frontend Developer | React
🧟‍♂️Dev • 👨‍💻Js • 🐺FullStack • I am a programmer motivated by the idea of creating solutions that help others.

Hello there! I'm Alberto Torres 👋

A passionate freelance fullstack software engineer based in Miami. With over three years of experience.

Specialized in:

JavaScript TypeScript Node.JS MongoDB MySQL PostgreSQL React Next Astro Tailwindcss

🚀 My journey includes collaborating with startups, contributing to the development of a marketplace, and creating a platform connecting businesses and freelancers. I excel in Git, GitHub, agile methodologies like Scrum, and Jira for project management.

🎓 As a perpetual learner, I'm always exploring new realms of software development. My goal? Empowering others to elevate their skills, create businesses, and boost their income.

💻 Currently, I'm focused on building my personal brand online, aiming to share knowledge and assist aspiring developers. Let's connect, collaborate, and code for success! 🚀

Contact me at:

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