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Christian Misael Prado Ciokler

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Full Stack Web Software Developer
La Havana, Cuba
Hello, my name is Christian Misael Prado Ciokler. I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible and hardworking developer.

Chris Ciokler - Full Stack Developer

I'm a self-taught and highly motivated Full Stack Developer, with a rich background in web and app development. With a fervor for technology's intricacies and an unyielding drive for continuous learning, I've mastered JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, among many other technologies.

📬 Let's Connect

If you're in need of a Full Stack Developer with a consistent record of high-quality results, I'm ready to connect. Eager to collaborate and create websites and apps that meet your requirements. Reach out so we can discuss your project!

Email: [email protected]

Github: @chrisciokler

Linkedin: @chrisciokler

💻 Technical Skills

Frontend Development

  • ✅ Expert in JavaScript and TypeScript, crafting engaging, interactive user interfaces.
  • ✅ Proficient with React and React Native, building user-friendly web and mobile applications.
  • ✅ Adept at Next.js and Astro, optimizing website performance and creating efficient server-side rendered applications.

Backend Development

  • ✅ Skilled in Node.js, developing scalable, efficient backend systems.
  • ✅ Proficient in Node.js, which I use to develop scalable and efficient backend systems.
  • ✅ Experience with RESTful API development, GraphQL, and tRPC for building robust and flexible APIs.
  • ✅ Familiarity with technologies like Express.js and Fastify for creating web applications and microservices.
  • ✅ Knowledge of database systems like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL for efficient data storage and retrieval.
  • ✅ Experience with authentication and authorization mechanisms like JWT and OAuth for secure user management.

Cloud Development

  • ✅ Experienced with Cloudflare Cloud ecosystem: Pages, Workers, KV, D1, and R2.
  • ✅ Proficient in integrating Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, S3, Amplify, etc., creating seamless, secure applications.
  • ✅ Used Google Auth, Google Functions, and Firebase to enhance user experiences with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services.
  • ✅ Experienced with Supabase, providing secure, scalable backend services for projects.

🏆 Latest Projects

  • Businesses Directory - Cubapyme: Developed a platform connecting businesses with customers, managing business information, showcasing products/services, and aiding in finding employment/collaboration opportunities. Utilized Next.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Supabase, and S3, implementing user authentication mechanisms.

  • AI Site Analyzer: Crafted an AI-powered web page analyzer with comprehensive analysis capabilities. Utilized Next.js, Cloudflare workers, R1 database, and integrated OpenAI technology for AI-enabled analysis.

  • Classified Ads Site and Mobile App - Tukatanuncios: Created a platform connecting businesses with customers, managing business information, showcasing products/services, and aiding in finding employment/collaboration opportunities. Used DynamoDB for database management and implemented user authentication.

🌟 Soft Skills

  • Problem-Solving: Leveraged problem-solving skills to conquer development challenges.
  • Communication: Proficient communicator, capable of demystifying complex technical concepts for non-technical stakeholders.
  • Adaptability: Excelled in fast-paced environments, quickly adapting to new technologies and adjusting to changing project scopes.
  • Initiative: Proactively identified opportunities for process improvements, enhancing workflow efficiency and team productivity.
  • Time Management: Consistently met project deadlines, maintaining high-quality standards.

📚 Ongoing Learning

  • Currently enhancing my skills in Golang and PHP.