We at Tetraimpacts are looking for a Data Scientist - Advanced Statistics & Machine Learning.

1,300-1,600 MONTHLY

Tiempo Completo Remoto


Your main tasks involve scraping, cleaning, and analyzing data, applying statistical methods and machine learning to uncover meaningful insights. Key Responsibilities: 1. Extract data from various online sources using web scraping techniques. 2. Clean and preprocess data for accuracy and reliability. 3. Apply statistical methods and machine learning to find patterns and insights. 4. Improve existing models including embeddings, svm and nl. reg. models 5. Develop and implement data models for predictive analytics. 6. Use Python for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization. 7. Navigate web structures with HTML and CSS skills. 8. Develop, Test and Deploy Models on state of the Art ML Pipelines Qualifications: 1. Bachelor's degree or higher in a quantitative field. 2. Experience in web scraping, data cleaning, and statistical analysis. 3. Strong Python skills for efficient coding. 4. Familiarity with HTML and CSS for web structure understanding. 5. Solid understanding of mathematical concepts for data analysis. 6. Clear english communication skills for conveying complex findings. 7. Problem-solving attitude, no fear to make and discuss mistakes, curiosity to learn and ability to collaborate in a team. ENGLISH IS A MUST 90% SPEAKING. RATE: USD 1,300-1,600 MONTHLY.

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