The Company: At Ademsys we design and build innovative technological solutions to empower the education of healthcare professionals. We serve the Solid.JS academic, healthcare and military communities across the Americas. We are a global group that works hard to create a solid excellence and teamwork culture. The Job: As a Staff Software Developer, you will work either as a contract and permanent employee. Your responsibilities will include the design, build, testing, deployment and support of web and mobile applications, as well as DevOps support tools. You will collaborate with User Support duties. The Candidate: We’re looking for Computer Science graduates or individuals with at least three years of practical experience in software development. Analytical skills are paramount to us. We appreciate communication and teamwork skills. Applicants must have practical experience with JavaScript (browser and server), Node.JS, MongoDB, and/or Python. Experience with Django, Meteor, Solid.JS (or similar frameworks) are a significant plus. How to Apply: Send your resume to [email protected] with the subject “Staff Developer Application”. If you have a GitHub account, please include it in your application.

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